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Saturday, August 28, 2004
will u coment on this please?

Last night i caught myself laufing at a not so funny situation..

as you all dont know i now go out with jevatae and its been
going on since july 5. hes 14 and goes to a different skool
den me. pblh.. i go to oms. big differnce. and see i *liked*
him alot.. not as much as i like kaion... but i liked him..
but know of chorse me being fRucking me.. i would go and
find something rong. ugh i swear dating is not working for
me. but anyways. (my song is on.. BREATH STRETCH SHAKE!
LET IT GO!!!!!!!) LOL i was doing that dance in the hallway
at skool.. all da prepps looked at me like i was slow.. but
all da hip hop kydds knew wat the hell i was doing..shyt
theyjoined in!!

anyways.. back to da story.. so yea see.. it probably is my
fault why dis isnt working. and the OLD L would have gotten
all depresssed and sad at myseld and try to stop dating.
not know.. i swear dis is a learning experiance. i could
care less if he dont like me anymore.. THIS IS THE RESULT

whos nipples? nipples is Killa K's bigga brotha
whos Killa K? Killa k is Wiggles sister!
whos Wiggles? wiggles.. is just wiggles

thats our nicknames.. its an inside joke though lmfao
i got the nick name of

*LRRICan*   how? i dont know!! i not even portirician!!

but anywho.. on a more serious note.. i have been blinded
at what braylins poem said all along... not like it makes a big
differnce now that he's gone.. but wow he's such a lyricist
too bad i cant hold a fRucking good catch. haha Killa K(tt)
said that that is one of the LOves of my life.. i say he
prolly isnt.. but ima miss him..

and im gone..

Posted at 09:17 am by StraihTuPwiFyA
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Friday, August 06, 2004
braylin rote dis can u believe it?

Baby girl u my heart and im sayinthe truth, prove it through music my futures dedicated to u, glad we met, i understand why u mad and shit but my prides hard to swallow like a gag reflex, this my apology im sorry and the charitys shown, ive grown learnded from mistakes now i want you home, ive shown that being wit u for me is like home and, better than a feind wit a rock like a boulder, better than the only thing poppin is soda, and better than pee wee herman wit lotion, for me you are the one, i left the gun keep tryin baby know the best is yet to come

What i feel is serious me heaert ont he line your eyes stuck on my mind im wonderin why, braylin the guy, that never showed affection, finally learned his lesson when u played south paw and left him, imma speak how i feel, if you real, you would kill no to let a few words stop us from trynna build, punishment was enough, when i played thug nor Game and i passed u up, when i look my heart end of the panels like hammers, i wanted you so much real talk God Dammit

**in aww**

Posted at 12:54 pm by StraihTuPwiFyA
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Monday, August 02, 2004
im so evil..

The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Eigth Level of Hell - the Malebolge!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very Low
Level 2 (Lustful)High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Low
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Very High
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Low
Level 7 (Violent)High
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Extreme
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Moderate

Take the Dante Inferno Hell Test

Posted at 05:02 pm by StraihTuPwiFyA
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Monday, July 19, 2004 many of us have them

u know what? im too nice..
* i cant use profanity so u fill in the blanks*

i have been through h**l with this n**ga and
out of the blue.. im a "friend" ??????????????
(counting to 10)
u know what.. i dont even kno why i got mad..
i mean its like duhhhh corse were friends but
f*** it.. ughhhhh i hate when guyz act so
FREAKEN RETARDED!! i swear its like a whole
click of boys that are just on CONTINUOUS
CRACK MODE. i mean hot d*m take a brake okay?
will it hurt every once in a while to notice
or to committe? just a lil bit..
now thoughts of kwency..
ugh.. im most def not goin to sleep no way tonight
and witt noone to talk to..damn this ish is depressing
~guys are slow~
^^^^^^^^^^ key to life hahahhahaha
no really thou they know absolutely NOTHING about
ANYTHING except grand theft auto and madden 2004
im goin to go mad.. u kno wat let me just chill out b4
i say sumthin to sumbody i dont wana say. thats it

Posted at 02:39 am by StraihTuPwiFyA
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Monday, July 12, 2004
how do i say..

   stoppppp fuckin with my nerves.
if u was serious about all dat stuff
den.. well u should already know
wasup i heart u too. but it seems
like u doin dis for a bet.. or like
maybe gettin back at me sumkinda
way for how rong i did u back den
well.. if i was u honestly i would
hate me. but see u understand
me and like meh said earlier u are
my type but ur not. its like dis..
ur not what i had in mind.. but
thats good. cuz i like to EARN
wat i want instead of it bein handed
if u hand sumthin to me i be
like got damn u a push over.
or if u  steady offerin me sumthin
i get the impression that u want sumtin
in return.

damn these fuckin emotions

what the hell is love anyway?
here is my definition..
Love=when ur tired of lookin for
lust and u find sumone u like
enough to look and talk to

dats real love.. fuka love lust is
better.. ive been hurt to many times
to be hurt again.. dont even try

Posted at 12:27 am by StraihTuPwiFyA
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Friday, July 09, 2004
damn the world

fuk the world.
i have small font cuz i feel small... im am so fuking pissed
i want to just do sum crazy shit that will release my pain
now i see why bray is so violent... i wonder if i get a
AK 47 and shoot a bitch and not get caught will i feel
better?.. shit matta of fact.. they shouldnt put Sadam
Hussien in jail.. bcuz he was prolly doin the same shit
im thinkin about doing. he was just releasing his anger.
then again..hes a physco. i just dont know man. sumtimes
i swear this CERTAIN person is the ONE AND ONLY
person who truely makes me happy. i mean i could have
a gun to my head ready to pull da trigger, but let that
nigga IM or call me.. i will drop that ish sooo quik
now yall who read this prolly think im one of them physco
bitches who cut their selves and kill people or a goth or
watever. WRONG. i care wayyy to much about the way
people see, and think of me. hay.. maybe thats my mutha
fuking problem!!!! i care way to damn much about how yall
ignant bitches see me... its sad. im sad. fuking everythin is sad
maybe if i wear my emotions on my sleave and tell everyone
special in my life how i feel i can stop playing this damn
GUESSING GAME. and they can stop playin with my emotions.
here i go..

*Kaion*-im still in love with u..fuk Andrea she cant take wat
we had.
*T.T*-u are my savor and my best frend i luh u mami
*dalton*-fuk u i hate u and always have.only reason i
talk to u is cuh TT like u.. flat dick bitch.
*braylin*-u are the closest thing to REAL love i've felt..
too bad it cant work out...
*javontay*- ur just a booty call to be honest..but u gets
no booty.. like Madea said.. CLINK CLINK!!

and all them haters SUCK ON YO MOMAS DICK BITCH!!

sorry to anyone i offended..u'll get the hell over it.. sue me

Posted at 08:22 pm by StraihTuPwiFyA
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Friday, July 02, 2004

 im never gona get married in my life.i hate
emotions. i wish emotions would just like..
die out and rott in hot hell.damn emotions
who's dumb ass thought of love? i should
bitch slap them. sumofabitches!FUK!
my damn ex.. quincy just called me and
was saying dis junk. and he was sayin like
hintin on love n shit. that made me realize
i hate his ass. i swear i do. he can rott in hell
along with love, lust, sex and peer pressure.
DIE DAMIT. shit ifeel like dying. i wonder if i
ask God to die tonight and come back 2days
later will he do it for me. i wonder if i go gay,
will i have so many emotional promblems. naw
naw hell naw! i be damned if i eat sum dam
pussy. u got da rong won cuz im tellin u.
shit quincy just called me aback again.! dis
niggle is BUGGIN. nigga need to get a life.
shit i wish i never meet his ass, kiss him,
touch him, i feel so cataminated. i need
to be free and clean. i need a nigga
sumone so FRESH and soooo CLEAN. someone
so clean, they can clean me. u feel me?
i need a fuking soulmate.. im tired of these lil
ass NIGRO'S with these nappy-asss-cant-get-
a-pic-cuz-im-broke played out playas tryna
holla. GET A MUTHA FUKIN LIFE. i mean..really
how the hell u gon ask ME out on a date to
da movies..and then makeme pay my OWN
 way and u bought sum damn pop corn for 5$?
wat kinda shit is that. Hints the name
yall betta stop actin like yall duno. shit im out cuz

**necesito alguien que me quiere y necesito amor**

Posted at 09:55 pm by StraihTuPwiFyA
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Thursday, July 01, 2004

i bored right my moms bfs house.. its so tight over here.. but dis   BIG ASS DOG

 named Kado is here.. dont get me rong i love him..but GOT DAMN is he big

 enough? dog is damn near taller than me and im 5'8!! but he favorites me

 heheh im so special... TT says im special all thetime..but i dont think she means in a good way. like the other day i asked miguel if he had pointy nipples...and she was  on 3way and was like... L ur
special special special.. and to my surprise he sadi yea.. i was like hum.. stab me one day okay? lol
Tt still likes him..he still doesnt like her... shame... i aint putting  my girl down or nuthing cuz thats my home slice like but she needs to just stop got damit.

and tell me why right..yesterday i was on the fone with
him and he bust out da blue and was liek.. L do u like me?
i was like how..he was like as a friend i said nope he said
do u love me i said hell no. he was like well damn if i was
to die today u wouldnt care? i was like oh of course i would..
then he was like thats wat i ment. he was like do u only
love me as a friend i was like yeah and then he was like
could it be more than that? * NOTE- THIS IS HOW WE
PLAY NOT FLURT GET IT STRAIGHT*   i said nigga no. he
was like WELL FINE i aint want u to anyway... lmfao dat
was so funny...

but im bout to finish listenin to da beat sumone made for
me... arent i so special??

*igot a damn headache...*

Posted at 04:14 pm by StraihTuPwiFyA
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